Wednesday, November 07, 2018


I think I got the right mix of mysterious shadow and anatomical detail on this bison grazing in the snow.

                             Watercolor on 200 GSM cotton paper 7.09 x 10.24

Btw, the Perfect Sketchbook is just that, perfect.  Absolutely love this paper.

Friday, November 02, 2018

Puppy Brother

As many of you know, I like to send hand-written letters in a faux-calligraphy style with a flex nib.  Many of the the letters  will include little drawings to highlight something in the letter or to illustrate an inside joke.  When my sister first started having serious heart issues, I would send her letters to encourage her or just to let her know I loved  her.  At first, I would sign my name but eventually, I started signing them as her Puppy Brother.  Why?  Well that was her nickname for me.  She had taken to calling me it again in the recent years, especially when introducing me to the cardiologists and nurses during her doctor visits.  Since I was working in and around the cardiology field, I would take her to her appointments and ask questions.  In retrospect, it was an incredible bonding experience, usually shared over a taylor ham, egg, and cheese sandwich afterward.

So why Puppy Brother?  As family legend has it, one day my parents spoke to my older brother and sister to ask them whether they would like a new baby brother or a puppy.  Of course they said puppy!!  Well, they got me instead, the Puppy Brother. 😋

My sister passed away very early on Tuesday morning of a cardiac arrest.  And because I could not sleep that night, I went and reread the scans of the letters that I wrote her.  They are my remembrance of her.  Below are some scans of the signature line of two of those letters.  

I miss you and I love you Mary.  Say hello to Mom and Dad for us and try not to cause too big a ruckus in Heaven.


Your Puppy Brother